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The Story Behind Meritage

Our team recognizes that the goals of each client are unique and achieving them requires much attention and care. In defining our brand, we have aligned ourselves with a story that parallels with the spirit of our mission.

In 1988, a group of American vintners formed an association to identify handcrafted wines from the traditional “noble” Bordeaux varietals. The goal was to distinguish wines that represent the highest form of the winemaker’s art from those with the more generic moniker “red table wine.” An international contest was held to name this new wine category. “Meritage”, pronounced like “heritage”, was selected from more than 6,000 contest entries. It is an invented word that combines “merit” and “heritage”.

At Meritage Financial Strategies, we strive to provide each client with the right blend of professional artisanship (merit) and time-tested financial planning techniques (heritage). Winemakers are expert farmers that cultivate a successful vintage by gaining a deep understanding of the individual complexity represented by each grape varietal and the region in which it is growing. Meritage’s financial professionals invest the time to gain a deep understanding of your goals and what steps are needed to help achieve them. Then, like vintners, our financial professionals provide the ongoing management that is essential to bringing a successful vintage to harvest.

About Us

Meritage Financial Strategies, LLC is a full service wealth management firm. We build, implement, and monitor comprehensive financial plans for individuals, families and privately-owned businesses. The firm’s guiding principle is to provide clients with “a balanced approach to financial health.”

Meritage provides oversight and strategic management of every aspect of clients’ financial lives. Meritage’s highly skilled specialists listen closely to clients’ values and goals and then craft the appropriate strategies. Most importantly, the Meritage team engineers the follow-through to help ensure continued financial success. We reduce the complexity of our clients’ financial lives.

Stronger Together

We are proud to represent Charter Oak Insurance & Financial Services, Co. (Charter Oak). In business since 1886, the firm counts itself among the largest general agencies of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual).

Charter Oak continues to grow in ways that help us better serve our clients and community. Its team of over 200 professionals serves more than 77,000 individuals, families and businesses with insurance, financial services and fee-based financial planning (1).

The agency holds more than $4 billion in client policy and account values (2) and nearly $13 billion in life insurance coverage inforce (3).

All information as of 3/01/13.

Charter Oak's extensive network of specialists, as well as its alliances with banks, law firms and accounting firms throughout the Northeast are benefits we are happy to extend to our clients. Through our relationship with Charter Oak, we are able to enhance the individualized attention you receive from us with the depth and resources of a larger firm.

It’s just one more way we’re stronger together.

(1) An insured, owner, or payer of a MassMutual policy or contract.

(2) Includes values of MassMutual and subsidiary insurance companies' insurance and retirement products and investment products offered through MML Investors Services LLC, a MassMutual subsidiary.

(3) Amount of individual life insurance in force at the end of the period related to products issued by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company and its subsidiaries, C.M. Life Insurance Company and MML Bay State Life Insurance Company.


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